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株式会社サウンドシステム 代表取締役 渡邉 隆司

We dare to challenge all possibilities as a pioneer.

We began with “music” to move people’s heart. Based on the experience of Japan Music Distribution Inc . , the first BGMdistribution company, we founded a new BGM distribution company, Sound System Inc. on February 1966. As BGM gainedpopularity, we needed to meet the growing demand in broadcasting facilities. Therefore we registered as a contractor oftelecommunication in 1973 and as a fire protection equipment facility according to the amendment to the fire service law in1975. As we established a unique business domain with both the “software” of BGM and the “hardware” of facility construction.we can have the all-round customer service system with a positive attitude. Our BGM service providing people comfort helpsyour life in every aspect including various information provision service, and crime and disaster prevention network facilityagainst emergency. Presently, we have been focusing on delivering multi media content using networks, taking part inestablishing multi media education systems, including remote lecturing among universities , and expanding the scope of ourbusiness. We are in an era of rapid change and adaptability is crucial, therefore undertaking various changes with unprecedented speed is our priority. Sound System continues to improve unique technology and services while being at the forefront of the changes. At the same time, having management principles of “customer-oriented” and “trust-conscious” comes first. Our mission has an emphasis on corporate compliance and environment, working ahead of time, outfacing of all types of challenges, and aspire to become a uniquely valuable corporation as “one and only”.

TAKASHI WATANABE, CEO of Sound System Inc.